Protocol of Mediterranean Championships



The host country will organise an opening ceremony for the championships and a smaller closing ceremony.

In the main area where the games are to take place the F.I.E (International Fencing Organisation) flag will be raised alongside the flag of the Mediterranean Confederation and that of the organising country. The flags will remain in place for the duration of the Championships, on flag poles in a central position. They will be raised during the opening ceremony and lowered at the end of the closing ceremony. Flags of participating nations will also be in place.

For the protocol ceremonies, the President of COMES will present medals to the Champion fencers The President of the F.I.E will also be present at the ceremonies.


2 The opening ceremony will take place in the area where the games are held, before the beginning of the Finals.

Countries participating in the Mediterranean Championships must be presented to the public. They will be represented by an athlete in uniform, bearing the nation’s flag, preceded by another athlete holding a card with the name of the nation.

A small procession of the delegates will take up a central position. They will then be presented in alphabetical order in the language of the host nation. The host nation will be placed at the end of the row.

The President of COMES, accompanied by the President of the F.I.E and by the political and sports authorities also present, will move towards the designated position facing the public.

If an important personage from the host country has been invited to open the Championships, he/she will be met at the entrance of the area, by the President of the National Federation and by the President of the Organising Committee, who will, respectively, present him/her to the President of COMES and the President of the F.I.E and to their colleagues.

The President of the Organising Committee will make a speech which will last, at the most, two minutes, and will then add these words: I have the honour of presenting Mr/ Ms…(adding his/her title) who will say a few words.

This invitation is to the political or sports authority of the host nation if present, who will give a short welcoming speech, no longer than two minutes.

2.1 After the speech of the President of the F.I.E, the President of COMES, with a few brief words will declare the Championships open, with these words ‘I declare the …Mediterranean Championships in…(name of host town) open’ If an important political or sports personage from the host country is present, the President of COMES will invite him/her to declare the Championships open, with these words, ‘ I have the honour of inviting … to proclaim the opening of the… Mediterranean Championships taking place in…’ The personage will then declare the Championships open saying ‘I declare the… Mediterranean Championships in … (name of host town) open.

2.2 This opening phrase will be announced by an announcer, with a wireless microphone. He/she will speak first in French andthen in the language of the host country. The ceremony of swearing in of the athletes will follow as well as the raising of the COMES flag.

2.3 Swearing in of athletes. The flag bearers from each country will form a half circle in the designated position. A previously chosen athlete will move to the centre, with the flag bearer of COMES and holding one corner of the flag, will pronounce the following oath, ‘In the name of all the participants, I promise to take part in these Mediterranean Championships respecting and following the rules that regulate them, and promising in the name of the sport not to use drugs or doping, and to participate in a sporting manner, for the glory of the sport and the honour of our countries.’

2.4The Raising of the Flag. Following the swearing in of the athletes, the ceremony of the raising of the COMES flag will take place, as well as the F.I.E flag and that of the host country. All those present will face the flag-staffs while the National Anthem of the host country is played. This concludes the opening ceremony.


3 This will take place after the prizes have been given at the end of the last match.

The President of COMES and the President of the host country, accompanied by representatives of all the countries present, will move towards the designated position.

As the National Anthem of the host country is played, the COMES flag, the F.I.E flag and the flag of the host nation will be lowered slowly. The COMES flag will be taken to the President of the Organising Committee who will make a brief speech of thanks and invite the COMES President to formally close the Championships.

After the closing speech, the COMES President will add, “In the name of COMES I offer our deep and sincere thanks and gratitude to the Fencing Federation of… and to the people of the city of… for their kind hospitality. I declare the 20…Mediterranean Championships closed and invite the fencers of all participating countries to meet again next year in…(if the town has not yet been decided the words will be, in the town to be selected) to celebrate the 20…Mediterranean Championships.

The COMES President after receiving the flag will then present it to the representative of the country that will host the Championships the following year.


The finals must be presented by a commentator. The announcement must be made in a sober manner and without intervention during the matches.

The finals comprise the two semi-finals and after a ten minute break, the finals.

4.1 The presentation of the fencers. Before the finals take place the athletes must be informed of the order of the presentation and of the protocol for the prize giving ceremony. Finalists will wear fencing garments or a uniform, with their weapons in their hands. They will be presented by the announcement of their awards. The referees of the finals will also be present.



5 The ceremony for giving the prizes to the winners must be carried out in conformity with the protocol decided by the F.I.E.

Medals and diplomas will be supplied by the Organising Committee of the Championships.

Prizes may only be given by:

  • members of the Executive Committee of COMES
  • the Presidents of member countries of COMES-the President of the F.I.E
  • members of the executive of the Organising Committee .

persons proposed by the President of the Organising Committee

  • members of the COMES Commission

The President and the General Secretary of COMES, together with the Organising Committee responsible for the protocol will decide who will be invited to award the medals at each prize-giving ceremony.

Those who award the prizes may be accompanied by athletes who have previously won medals in the Olympic Games, World Championships, or the Mediterranean Games.

5.1 The ceremony will take place, if possible, immediately after the Finals of the match won by the athlete, under the following conditions:

  • a small procession will be prepared in this order:
  • one or more hostesses carrying the medals which will be placed on a cushion or a tray,
  • the winning athletes,
  • the person(s) who will give the prize,
  • last mentioned persons may be accompanied from their seat, directly to the podium, by a hostess, -the prize winners will be accompanied behind the podium. They will face the public, wearing the official uniform of their delegation, the winner at the centre, second runner up placed to his/her right, third placed to his/her left,
  • the person(s) who will give the prize will be presented to the public at the beginning of the ceremony,
  • the commentator will announce the names of the fencers in this way ‘…Mediterranean Championships …Match. Presentation of the awards. First place and champion of the Mediterranean… second place…third place…’
  • immediately after the prize giving, the commentator will invite the athletes, the guests and the public, to turn towards the flags,
  • the National Anthem of the winner will be played while the flags are raised.

5.2 Prizes are given to the first four athletes who have won individual matches, followed by the first three teams for team matches.


For official COMES events, including banquets, the order in which officials will arrive is the following:

  1. The President of COMES,
  2. The President of the F.I.E,
  3. The General Secretary,
  4. The Treasurer,
  5. The Vice-President of the Executive Committee of COMES
  6. Other members of the Executive Committee of COMES,
  7. The Presidents of the National Federations,
  8. The heads of National Delegations, if the President of their Federation is unable to attend,
  9. Members of the Committees,
  10. Other persons present

The same order applies to those accompanying them.

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