Rules of procedure



Art 1 – Calling
1.1 The notices for general meeting, and special elective must be sent by the General Secretariat to Menber Federation no later than two months before the general meeting-

1.2 The propposals that the federation decided to submit to the General Assembly, and the names of candidates for positions in the executive committee should reach the General Secretariat 30 days before the general meeting.

1.3 The detailed agenda shoul be sent by the General Secretariat to member federations one month later than before the general meeting. If necessary, it must be accompanied by a list of candidates stopped on the date provided on the date provided for in Article 1.2 of this Regulation and in accordance with Article 14 of the statutes.

1.4 The executive committee members and chairmen are invited to the meeting.

Art 2 - Participation
2.1 The staff member federations may appoint a substitute who will exercise the right to vote if their president is unable to do so, according to the provisions of art 12 of the statutes.

2.2 The presidents of the federations full members, their delegates with the voting and alternate delegates may speak at the general meeting. .

2.3 Any term the voting at the general meeting must be submitted in writing and signed by the president of the federton menber. The mandate must be filed at the opening of the General Assembly.

2.4 The executive committee menbers and chairs of committees may speak at the meeting.

2.5 The guest of the executive committee can not speak without the consent of the President.

2.6 The non-member federations to date with their dues may attend without the right to speak or vote, as provided in Art.12 of the statutes.

2.7 The committee for the verification of mandates is composed of two members appointed by the Executive Committee.In any doubtful cases, a particular report will be submitted to the General Assembly which will decide. the validity of the mandate.

2.8 The commission for Credentials is responsible for validating eligibily of candidates.

2.9 The treasurer will provide to the committee the list of active members to date contributions.

2.10 The Chairman of the COMESA chairs the meeting.

2.11 The Secretary General of COMESA has the responsibility of the secretariat of the General Assembly.

Art 3 – Votes and elections - Candidatures
3.1 For voting and election one member appointed by the General Assembly. Delegate mandated and election candidates can be nominated.

3.2 The votes, in general meeting, held by call of the delegates.

3.3 The vote be conducted by secret ballot for any election in person and every time a delegate is requested.

3.4 In calculating the majority, only votes cast “yes” or “no” are considered. The President must state in advance the number of votes cast an absolute majority, and after, he must announce thr void and blank votes. majority,

3.5 Any application must be submitted in writing by the member federations membership, in accordance with art. 1.3.

3.6 The list of candidates should be sent to member federations by Secretary General Assembly in the terms provided for art. 1.2 and 1.3.

Art 4 – Administration
The report of the President and Secretary General aresubmitted in writing to the General Assembly.

4.1 The A.G is considered an important time to enable all officers of the federations to intervene.

4.2 Each speaker may introduce a proposal or raise new issues.

4.3 A speaker who introduce a proposal may adress more than once. at the discretion of the President, on the same subject or to propose amendments to summarize his proposal before voting takes place.

4.4 The deliberations of the A.G are the subject of minutes, kept at the General Secretariat. A copy of the minutes will be sent to hall member federations at the latest two months after the general meeting. a report of proceedings,


Art 5 -The member federations

5.1 Each member federation shall provide, with the secretary general and the president:
5.1.1. The official name of the federation
5.1.2. The seat (with address) of the federation
5.1.3. the names of the president and the executive committee of the federation.

5.2 Any federation that meets the conditions specified in art. 2 Statutes may apply for membership of COMESA.

5.3 The AG statute, at each meeting, on applications for admission.

5.4 The Executive Committee has the right to accept provisionally, until the next General Assembly, a national federation that made the request.

5.5 A Federation is a provisional member has the same rights and same obligations as any other member federation.


Art 6 – General
6.1 The executive committee manages COMESA, it is responsible for: :

6.1.1 The preparation of the A.G. (fixing the place, date, time, agenda, appointment of members for the verification of mandates, reporting to present at the meeting).
6.1.2 The enforcement of the A.G.
6.1.3 Representation, with the F.I.E and at the continental and regional federation bodies..
6.1.4 The preparation and the monitoring of the Mediterranean Championships and other official events organised by him.
6.1.5 Maintaining contact between the member federations.
6.1.6 Approve the regulations developed by the committees.
6.1.7 The convening of a A.G.E on resignation of the president or at the request of at least twothirds of the E.C.

Art 7 - Meetings
7.1 A first meeting of the E.C. takes place immediately after the G.A.elective.

7.2 The E.C. shall be convened by the president or by least 5 of its members.

7.3 The meeting dates are set at least one month before. The agenda shall reach the members at least 15 days before.

7.4 The E.C. can not validly deliberate unless at least five of its members are present.

7.5 The decisions are taken by simple majority. In the event of a tie, the chairman has the casting vote. However, the demand for convening an extraordinary general meeting, the required majority of at least five votes.

7.6 A record will be sent to E.C. members no later than two months after each meeting.

7.7 To the end of each meeting, the date and the place of the next meeting are attached..

7.8 A member who, during the term of office, does not partecipate, without apologizig, 3 meeting of the E.C., is considered resigned and is no longereligible for reappointment.

Art 8 – The President
In addition to the tasks set out in art. 15 of the Costituition, the President:

8.1 is responsible for the smooth running of COMESA,

8.2 convenes and leads the A.G and E.C.,

8.3 must maintains contact between members of the E.C.,

8.4 must submit to the E.C. annual report for the A.G.

If the absence of the President, it is replaced by one of the vice-presidents.

Art 9 – The secretary general
The Secretary General is responsible for the administrative work of the COMESA and the proper functioning of the General Secretariat. In particular it must:

9.1 keep records and prepare all relevant reports,

9.2 maintain contact between the member federation,

9.3 ensure coordination between the works of COMESA,

9.4 ensure coordination between the organizing committees of the championships and events organized under his responsibility.

9.5 present at the E.C. the administrative report writing for the A.G.

9.6 write the list of candidates for the E.C. and the members federations to send in the form set out in art 1.3.

Art 10 - Treasurer
The treasurer is responsible for the financial administration of COMESA. In particular it must:

10.1 hold accounts,

10.2 collect dues and other revenue,

10.3 paying expenses,

10.4 establish accounts for the financial year and the balance sheet it submits to the E.C. and A.G.,

10.5 present a written report to meetings of the E.C.,

10.6 establish a proposed annual budget it submits to the EC.,

The treasurer is responsible for funds and securities entrusted as part of its mandate.

The books of accounts and all the parts relevant to financial management are provided by the Treasurer at the end of term, his successor, at the latest during the second meeting of the newly elected E.C..

The minutes for the transmission of the documents signed by the president, the secretary general and by the former treasurer who completes and the new name.

The former treasurer shall transmit to his successor all funds and securities in accordance with the record “euro” one month after the signing of the minutes of the transfer books of accounts.


Art 11 – General
11.1 The Treasurer shall establish the account for the financial year and the balance sheet, the latter shall submit to the E.C. presents them to the A.G.,

11.2 The executive committee presents the budgetproposal to the A.G.

11.3 The cost of participation of members at meetings are the responsability of the federations to which they belong.

11.4 The E.C. shall decide in cases of special missions in the interest of COMESA to support any of the costs it entails.

11.5 A sum must be budgeted for the fees of the COMESA.

11.6 Any extraordinary expenses are approved by the E.C.


Art 12 - General
12.1 The committees consist of three or more members appointed by the E.C..

12.2. A member of the EC may partecipate in committee meeting.

12.3. The meeting are convened by the Secretary.

12.4. A menber of the commission, proposed by the President of COMESA, may be convened by the Secretary General meeting of the E.C..

12.5. Any notice is sent to member at least one month prior to the meeting with copies to federations to which they belong.

12.6. The cost of partecipation in meeting of the board members is cherged to the federations which they belong.

12.7. The E.C. shall decide in cases of special missions in the interest of COMESA support any costs it entails.

Art 13 - Commissions
13.1 The fees set are:
1) Technical Commission
2) Arbitration Committee.
3) Commission Promociòn

13.1.1.The Technical Commission is responsible for preparing and submitting to the E.C. technical regulations of COMESA, the regulations of sporting events of the COMESA and advice the E.C. on any problem. .

13.1.2 The arbitration board is responsible for stimulating the formation of good referees in different countries, to ensure the functioning of arbitration in the trials of COMESA, to enforce the rules by the referees during the competitions.

13.1.3 The Promotion Committee is responsible for proposing to the E.C. any means the promotion of fencing and international relations.

13.1.4 The E.C. may establish committees which it may assign optional specific mission.


Art 14 - General
14.1 This Regulation comes into force immediately after its approved by Executive Committee.

14.2 These Regulations may be amended only by the E.C.

14.3 The cases not provided for in this Regulation shall be decided by the E.C.

Done in Algiers, June 4 2011
on December 8, 2003

The President | Lioniero del Maschio
The Secretary General | Alain Garnier

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