In the period September / October 2015, the Italian Federation has scheduled a series of training sessions for national teams foil, epee and saber in Modica.

Many athletes belonging to Mediterranean countries adherents to the Confederation were invited to the trainings. They participated enthusiastically to the internship that took place near the great hall of the palace of the Sicilian club.

Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Greece, France, Spain basin countries that have joined the initiative: Ines Boubakri Azza and Sarra Besbes, Vassiliki Vougiouka Mahmoud Mohsen some of the athletes present in Sicily to train with Valentina Vezzali and partners.


Occasionally, at the initiative of Vice President of CONI Giorgio Scarso, took place in the ancient Greek theater of Taormina two matches Italy vs Rest of the World women’s foil and men’s epee, which was attended by more than 1,000 spectators.

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