2014 Mediterranean Championships Organization assigned to Italy

Al,ger 53

The Confederation’s General Assembly, gathered on January 27th, 2013 in Algiers noted that the championships held in the same city have recorded the minimum participation of only height on twenty countries that adhere to CoMes.,
The Assembly considered the phenomenon as for financial problems only, but also partly as security problems and VISA.
At this point, the Assembly noted that the continents’ alternation, already implemented, cannot be taken at this time as the only element of choice.
Given those considerations, the Assembly invited all presents to find a solution to revive the championships as one of the most important goals of our annual programs.
Some representatives of the member countries have asked Mr. Scarso, president of the Italian Federation to examine the possibility of the 2014 championships in Italy, a country that poses no problems. President Scarso gladly accepted the proposal and announced that the Italian Federation is pleased to host the championships.
Obviously Scarso has reserved the right to communicate the location of the course at a later date.

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