The autumn meeting of the Executive Committee of the Confederation took place in Byblos, tourist locality at north of Beirut. Very nice the hospitality of Vice President Comes Mr. El Choueiri.

Are took all necessary decisions for the good running of the next championships, scheduled in Algeria, city of Oran, at the end of January.

The DT will be composed by the Italian Proietti Mosca (Comm. Arbitration), the Tunisian Zouari (Comm. Technique) and the Algerian Gana (representative of the Organising Committee). Mr. Medhat El Bakry, member of the Executive Committee of the Confederation and international referee, held on the eve of the championships, mini stage to the referees present.

As for the 2017 championships, the Committee welcomed the candidature of the French federation who propose the city of Marseilles, declared European Sport City for 2017. The official trust will be given by the General Assembly to be held during the Algiers championships.

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