The Croatian Federation welcomed the members of the Executive Committee of the Confederation for its spring meeting held in Zagreb on kind invitation of President Zelko Kvesic. The President Kvesic was present at the beginning of the meeting, with the Secretary General Reno Marolt and Ms. Martina Zmaic, organizer of the week-end.

The Committee took note of the waives of Morocco to the organization of the championships in 2016 and assigned them to Algeria, which has chosen Oran as city conducting. For the 2017 championships, France and Egypt have already applied for membership; the final decision will be taken in Oran.

The Committee decided to support three stages for technicians of the Mediterranean countries to organize in September in Lebanon (epee), Egypt (foil) and Algeria (saber).

The meeting was the opportunity to visit the Croatian capital and installation of the city headquarters of various fencing clubs.

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